The magic is in the mix.

The attocube team is what makes us different - ingeniously different. We’re a colorful crew from diverse backgrounds and cultures who bring together a whole range of skills, hobbies and talents. The magic is in the mix: A team of physicists, precision engineers, programmers and designers collaborate closely from conception to the delivery of our products.

It’s our diversity and flexibility that have brought us into the big leagues. And what is it we all share? Our unbridled passion for precision. Would you like to get to know us better? You can start by reading our team stories below...

Meet some

of our players.

The pioneer at the helm

As a child, Khaled always dreamed of captaining a ship to explore the seven seas. At attocube, he does just that, navigating the waters of innovation to keep our company on course into the future.

Raised by the sea in Tunisia, little Khaled dreamed of exploring the world as a sea captain. Today, exploration certainly remains the passionate core of his life narrative.

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khaled co founder attocube


Co-Founder and Scientific Director



Business Intelligence Specialist

The BI magician

If Christoph ever had a dream career, it was to be a magician. And we have to admit that what he accomplishes as Business Intelligence and Database Specialist is sometimes quite magical indeed. Read why the whole attocube team is enchanted by his special skills...

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The nano goldsmith

Johannes grew up on the beautiful Chiemsee Lake in the midst of traditional craftsmanship. In the end, however, it wasn’t the carpentry profession which fascinated him, but rather that of goldsmith, something far more delicate.

This was perhaps inspired by his mother, who runs her own goldsmith workshop, and it’s where he makes his own jewelry to this day. Read more about how Johannes came to join attocube...

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Production Employee

patrizia career attocube


Inside Sales Coordinator

The 5-star organizer

A wise person once shared this piece of advice with us: Should anyone from the hotel industry ever apply to attocube, snap them up immediately. Why? Because they tend to bring together outstanding organizational talent and solid people skills - along with an unshakable service orientation. Get to know Patrizia.

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The entrepreneur - attocube’s American dream

Whenever young Florian was asked about his future career ambitions, his immediate answer was always the same: "To become a successful tech entrepreneur and run my own internet company.” While his priorities have shifted slightly as he’s grown up, he’s certainly retained every bit of his entrepreneurial spirit in running attocube’s American sales offices in Berkeley and New York - with exceptional success!

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florian career attocube


CEO attocube systems Inc.

daniel career attocube


Head of R&D Software and Electronics

The enthusiastic scientist

Daniel has an interest in all things electric. An avid e-guitarist from an early age, he became an electronic engineer, and his eagerness in the field led him to the CERN laboratories as an intern and Stanford University as a visiting student researcher. Today, he applies his focus to the development of electronics and software for attocube. What better way to put his scientifc enthusiam to work?

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attocube career stefan


It’s a privilege to work for a company that lives out its values and cares about the things that matter most: clients, products and markets.

Alexander Watanabe


Each and every day, a new challenge: attocube gives me the opportunity to continuously develop - and to thrive.

attocube career ida


Finding your place in the team is quick and effortless because your colleagues - both the ones you work with directly and those from other departments - are all so open and helpful.